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Waste Water Treatment Enzyme

In addition to Microbial cultures, Sudarshan has now started distributing the highly concentrated broad spectrum enzymes for use in Effluent Treatment Plant for Treating ‘Difficult To Treat’ effluent(s). The product is manufactured by Great Lakes Biosystems Inc., USA. Sudarshan is the exclusive dealer for the sale of this product. These enzymes are non toxic & environmentally safe products.

This enzyme solution is basically a mixture consisting of a concentrated readily biodegradable enzymatic solution has more than 30 different types of proteins (enzymes). The product is in liquid state. It is highly soluble in water. The dosage of enzyme required is very small.

The addition of this enzyme solution in to the Effluent Treatment Plant will improve the performance of bio-degradation system. This is an extremely concentrated broad based blend of naturally occurring enzymes, derived from safe microorganisms. It helps the existing microorganisms to attack overall organic contaminate problem.

GLB Enzyme Technology – Enzyme is derived from a proprietary fermentation process. The base raw material contains thousands of identifiable enzymes, coenzymes, amino acids & other proteins. Our goal through this procedure is to pull as many of these available proteins out of the process as possible because this makes our enzyme technology effective on a wider variety of effluent types and in numerous applications.

Waste Water Treatment Enzyme

We are offering of Waste Water Treatment Enzyme. In addition to Microbial cultures, Sudarshan now offers Enzymes manufactured by Great Lakes Biosystems Inc., USA

How Enzymes perform:

  • Most of the Biological Treatment Plants treating complex effluent face problem in biodegrading the Refractory organics present. This is due to the complexity of organics & limited biological activity.
  • Enzymes help in improving performance of Biological System by accelerating bioactivity resulting into improved biodegradation.

What is Enzyme?

  • It is a non-bacterial, concentrated, supplemented, mineral & nutrient rich extract derived from a carefully controlled fermentation. It is highly soluble dark coloured liquid and easy to use.

The Application of Enzyme will improve the performance of the system in terms of:

  • Reduce the refractory COD levels
  • Helps in degradation of complex chemicals
  • Enhance the bio degradation rate & hence faster removal of COD & BOD
  • Increase the methanogenic rate & hence the gas generation in biodigester.



Additional Information:

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 56.7 Litre
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